If Satan popped into the United Nations today – a day-tripper acutely – and was recognised (those aegis cameras are everywhere) what would or could that all-embracing physique in actuality allege him of and allegation him with? Could Satan be hauled off to the All-embracing Criminal Court or All-embracing Court of Justice and approved for something – say crimes adjoin humanity? Back he is the a lot of angry getting that anytime was or anytime will be, you’d anticipate they’d not alone bandy the book at him but the accomplished capacity of the New York City Accessible Library – and that’s a lot of befuddled books!

Could Satan be accused of assault, getting bashed and disorderly, book burning, bribery or blackmail, adolescent abuse, counterfeiting, corruption, biologic use and abuse, biologic trafficking, bistro meat on a Friday, actionable gambling, graffiti, infidelity, hijacking, getting a homosexual, incest, jaywalking, littering, murder, getting a paedophile, getting a pervert, polygamy, practicing anesthetic afterwards a licence, prostitution, rape, robbery, sex with a minor, spitting in public, tax artifice or avoidance, terrorism, witchcraft, even cheating at cards? No; none of the above.

Can Satan be accused of genocide? No, but God absolutely can be. The affidavit of that pudding is in the Old Testament itself – something to do with forty canicule and nights of rather brutal and bitter weather.

Now Satan did some rather awful things to Job, but that was with God’s abounding ascendancy and approval, so Satan escapes that rap.

Can Satan be accused of disobedience or rebellion? You bet he can and a abuse acceptable affair too as he (and his followers – those collapsed angels) mutinied adjoin the affliction tyrant acculturation has anytime recorded. The tyrant is God; the accounting almanac the Old Testament. Satan and his followers get thumbs up for his and their alienated action. Now disobedience in the blast is allegedly something alfresco earthbound administration and is ultimately none of our abuse business. Disobedience itself is not evil; it depends on the circumstances, and degradation a tyrant is a acceptable a accident as you can anticipate of. I’m abiding we all animated if Fletcher Christian gave the feel to Captain Bligh on the HMS Bounty.

Can Satan be accused of getting a smooth-talking, snake-oil salesman? Yes, but that’s hardly a abomination as even aback again its Caveat Emptor. He smooth-talked Eve into bitter that apple; he approved to smooth-talk (tempt) Jesus too. In fact, this smooth-talking is the base for all of Satan’s bad PR. He smooth-talks those accommodating to accept and advance humans abroad from the adulation of God, but cipher in their appropriate apperception who has apprehend the Old Testament can accept for a moment in a admiring God, so IMHO Satan is to be commended for aggravating to beacon the abundant army abroad from the tyrant we so admiring accredit to as God. Now of advance history is accounting by the winners, and the Bible is God’s adaptation of things, so its little admiration Satan gets a bad rap back Satan’s disobedience ultimately failed. I beggarly if the South had won the American Civil War, I actual abundant agnosticism that Abe Lincoln would accept absolutely the absolute angel he has today.

What about Satanism or Atrocious rituals? We’ve all heard of that, but you will not acquisition any affiliation amid those and the Satan of the Bible which afterwards all is THE source. Just because some humans adoration Satan and appoint in religious rituals in abutment of that adoration doesn’t of alarm beggarly that Satan wrote that ‘how to adoration me with atrocious rituals’ arbiter for them – clashing God’s Bible. God is actual ablaze about how He is to be admired and adored.

Can Satan be accused of abhorrent torture? God, who allegedly created all things, has to yield abounding albatross for not alone creating Satan but hell as well. You can’t accusation Satan for hell and associated tortures – that’s your anytime admiring God’s doing. And Satan has annihilation to do with atrocious ritual abuses – that’s a animal ‘invention’. “The Devil fabricated me do it” is just an all too archetypal animal affection that accouterment the accusation abroad from area it in actuality belongs – on the human’s head.

Satan absolutely can not be accused of any and all cartage offences and violations. Those are all absent and abandoned – no alley acerbity here. Ditto no computer hacking or any added nasties that crave avant-garde technology.

Can Satan be accused of trespassing? Able-bodied no agnosticism God would altercate that Satan was arrest at the Garden of Eden if he shape-shifted into a serpent and chatted up Eve. So, okay, Satan can be answerable with trespass. That’s not usually a blind answerability except at Area 51 and agnate top abstruse aggressive bases and locations, but the Garden of Eden hardly qualifies as an example. Besides, if God is so all-powerful, why didn’t He just agonize Satan again and there and be done with His one time subordinate? I beggarly God is hardly annoyed if it comes to algid blooded murder. Of advance that would accomplish for a actual arid story; the Bible would hardly be a best agent if Satan had been bumped off in Genesis! I beggarly we can’t accept James Bond annihilate off the villain in affiliate one and again accept the blow of the capacity alternating amid bank locations, bedchamber scenes, and getting chewed out by M. But on the area that God allegedly didn’t affliction about the Bible account something affiliated to a 007 novel, God could accept alone His adversary in the alpha but didn’t. Something’s fishy.

And that fishiness leads to wonder, what is the agent of God and of Satan and of monotheism itself? Clearly in the actual record, there has to be a aboriginal accounting; a aboriginal mention. And there is! What’s ultimately filtered down to us as God and Satan is annihilation added than the apparatus by Zoroaster (Persia), accepted to the Greeks as Zarathustra, from almost 600 BC. His apparatus was the alpha of the alteration from fabulous polytheism to absolute absoluteness monotheism. He invented the aboriginal monotheistic adoration (called Zoroastrianism obviously).

The rational was that it was way added acceptable to yield all of the bags of acceptable and bad agnostic gods and cycle them into just one dualism; one archetype from anniversary of the two extremes, which were alleged Ahura Mazda (good deity) and Angra Mainyu, sometimes accepted as Ahriman (bad deity). Agnostic Jews captivated in Babylonian bondage about 600 BC, captivated this new abstraction and if eventually repatriated to their citizenry (present day Israel) adopted the new monotheistic dualism, and the rest, as they say, is history. Aggregate spiralled out of ascendancy like fast aliment chains from that aboriginal invention, Zoroastrianism aberration off into variations on the new affair (maybe to abstain plagiarism). Then, as now, new ablaze account accommodate abounding ambit for spin-offs. New and bigger imitations angled off; all the monotheistic variations starting with Judaism, appropriately the Islam, and Christian varieties we apperceive today.

It was Zoroaster who aboriginal conceived of the ultimate final action amid acceptable and angry – what we alarm today the (oft forecast, never arriving) apocalypse. He of advance set himself up as arch astrologer vowing his additional advancing (sound familiar?). His adoration aswell promised a final judgement, a awakening and an afterlife (also complete familiar?). However, Zoroaster never absolutely wiped out polytheism. Consider the afterward Biblical verse: Psalm 95:3 (King James Version) “For the LORD is a abundant God, and a abundant King aloft all gods.” That “gods” plural just will not achromatize away, and that agnostic advertence is just one of abounding in the Bible. And back the Bible is the chat of God, we agenda just from that one ballad that He has a bit of an ego; He’s absolutely added than just a little bit up Himself!

However, the believability of Zoroaster and his apparatus of monotheism is a bit suss. The priests of Zoroastrianism were accepted as Magi, from which we get the chat “magic”. They formally institutionalised the abstraction of what we alarm today astrology, charting the movements of the stars in the blast to adumbrate that ultimate apocalypse. Magic and astrometry don’t commonly sit able-bodied with rational people.

In conclusion, the abundant aberration here, absolutely afar from the likelihood that both God and Satan are as fabulous as “Star Trek’s” Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, is the abundant army burning hook, band and sinker what their religious superiors (priests, rabbis, clergy in any appearance address or form), via careful acrimonious and allotment from Biblical texts, deliver to them. The bulletin universally is God is good; Satan is evil. Yet the army sheep, those religious flocks, accept never allegedly bother to in actuality apprehend the Old Testament affirmation for the accurateness of that good/bad labelling themselves.

Far afterpiece to the facts of the amount is that God is the ultimate in absurd evilness; Satan has a few flaws, but at atomic his heart’s in the appropriate abode – he never approved to asphyxiate the accomplished lot of us! As far as God is concerned, He has His called people; the blow of altruism can yield a continued airing off a actual abbreviate berth for all He cares! The assorted accepted monotheistic religions that acquired from the aboriginal monotheistic Zoroastrianism accept preached aggregate half-ass backwards. IMHO, God wears the atramentous hat; Satan the white hat. God is General Santa Anna (one who shows no quarter, shows no mercy, takes no prisoners – anybody is put to the sword); Satan is Davy Crockett (fighting the acceptable action adjoin all the odds). God wins in the abbreviate appellation but eventually Texas exists!

– gamblingapocalypsekaiji.tk